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About Us

Black Diamond Productions is a full service video production company based in Santa Barbara, California.  Since 1991, Black Diamond Productions has been producing award-winning videos, commercials,TV programs and documentaries worldwide.



Julie Ross - Director/DP/Editor

Julie has an impressive history of media experience.  After obtaining a degree in Television and Film Production from San Diego State University, she worked at KGTV in San Diego, CNN /Turner Broadcasting in Los Angeles and on numerous Hollywood productions before founding Black Diamond Productions in 1991.  Now, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, she leads the Creative Team at Black Diamond Productions.


Adam Ross - Producer

Adam is a graduate from San Diego State University and has a background in media sales and advertising.  Adam works behind the scenes focusing on making sure our productions run smoothly - managing accounts, defining client objectives, pre-production planning, production support, crew and business management.


About Us

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