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From conducting interviews to script-writing and managing large crews and complex scenes, our director knows how to achieve beautiful footage, dynamic camera movement, perfect lighting, flawless staging, amazing quality and brilliant color.  Our director is organized, budget-minded and efficient.



With over 20 years of experience interviewing subjects from Hollywood celebrities to CEO's to everyday people, our team has learned the tricks-of -the trade that separate the mediocre from the masters.  We ask our subjects the right questions that will result in the best soundbites.  We know how to put subjects at ease.  We know how subjects should conduct themselves on camera to show them in the best light.  We know what material is needed in post to get the most out of an interview and to achieve the best end product.


With a degree in television and film production, industry experience and years of continued education in the newest digital technologies, our DP is a master of videography and lighting design.  Our DP knows our camera equipment and it's capabilities inside and out.


We are FAA licensed commercial drone pilots and can safely and economically shoot beautiful and dynamic aerial footage that will add interest and production quality to any production.

Our Producer makes sure our productions are professional, well-planned and organized to make the most our of your time, efforts and budget.  Our Producer takes care of everything from location to talent, to crew, to shot-list and schedule so that our productions run smoothly.

Our crew is made up of outstanding individuals who are dedicated to their production specialty. The crew consists of camera operators, audio technicians, gaffers and grips, steadicam, slider, jib and dolly operators, teleprompter operators, makeup artists, costume designers and production assistants. Crew sizes vary from three to fifteen crewmembers depending on the job.



Black Diamond comes equipped to any location with a full range of state-of-the-art production equipment including HD and 4K cameras, professional audio and lighting.  We also provide specialty items such as sliders, drones, dollies, jibs, steadicams, teleprompters, backdrops and green screens.  We own our camera equipment so that we don't pass high rental fees on to you.

Production & Shooting

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